Five Grounds              

"A creative novel about a complex, topical subject." -Kirkus Indie Review   

The Origins of Five Grounds

“The idea to write an immigration novel that delves into the asylum process first hit me when I was working at the Office of Immigration Litigation in the Department of Justice. I was sitting in my office reviewing a Department of State report on a humanitarian crisis engulfing a particular country. I remember sitting back and thinking to myself that some of what I’m reading is stranger than fiction. It’s the type of information that people might read about in a novel and say, “no way that would happen!” But it does. It happens all the time in countries around the world and very few people know about it. I wanted to write a story that would educate readers about these countries, explain how the asylum process works, and highlight the tensions in the immigration debate. Of course, nobody wants to read a novel that sounds like a textbook. Readers want mystery, suspense, and intrigue. So my goal in writing Five Grounds is to educate and inform against the backdrop of a gripping, fast-paced story.”

About the Author

Scott Rempell is a native of New Jersey. He practiced immigration law in Washington, D.C. at the United States Department of Justice before moving to Houston to teach at the South Texas College of Law. His closet still lacks cowboy boots, but he has started to incorporate the occasional y’all into his vernacular.