Five Grounds              

"A creative novel about a complex, topical subject." -Kirkus Indie Review   

Editorial Reviews

Scott Rempell draws upon his extensive experience in immigration law to deliver a suspenseful story about Tesfaye, Lin, and Sofia—three immigrants forced to flee life-threatening conditions in their respective countries of Ethiopia, China, and Mexico. Rempell’s knowledge of historical, geopolitical, and economic circumstances in these regions is skillfully interwoven with his characters’ tragic backstories, a combination that will appeal to male and female readers on either side of the immigration debate.

—ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“"Rempell's debut novel explores immigration through the eyes of those fighting to make their way into America--and the people trying to keep them out. . . . Rempell, a former immigration attorney, succeeds in putting a human face on what some might argue is a cut-and-dried issue, and presents a powerful case for reexamining current legislation. A creative novel about a complex, topical subject."

Kirkus Indie Review

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